Readymade Software


Some of our software creations are quite flexible and modular in nature.  Their scope of adaptability is quite large. They can either be used independently or integrated with the other software or website  to add new dimension in the existing system.
Following is a partial list of our readymade solutions that are available off the shelves, but nevertheless they can always be customized to suit individual’s requirements:

  • Help Desk System: Our Help Desk System is Internet based software, specially designed for   service sector companies. Using this software, clients can remotely login into the system, create service tickets and seek solutions for their problems from the company experts.
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  • Online Appointment System:   This software has been designed and developed for all those professionals, who meet their clients by appointment.
    Using this software, clients can seek appointment with the professional, sitting at home and receive reminder few hours / days before the scheduled date of appointment.
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  • i-mail Campaigner:  i-Mail Campaigner is Internet based online marketing software. Using this software attractive e-mail campaigns can be designed and launched over Internet either for product awareness or seeking user’s participation in the campaign.
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  • SMS Campaigner:  SMS campaigner is also Internet based, online marketing software. Using this software,bulk SMSs can be sent to the masses and make them aware of the product or activity.

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