IT Infrastructure Management & Support

Modern IT Infrastructure Are Complex

Modern computing environments are getting complex day by day.  They involve most modern technologies & their interfaces with each other.  Applications that run in such a setup are also complicated.  All the factors put together make the computing environment more complex. Maintenance of such an environment is always a challenge to keep the application running all the time.

KF Support Team Takes The Challenge

Our IT infrastructure & management, support team comprises of highly qualified professional engineers, who can manage, all sorts of complex IT infrastructure and keep them running all the time. Using remote logins, alerts, e-mails, SMSs etc. they observe current status of the environment and in case of problems, they take corrective action immediately.

24 x 7 Operations,  Is A New Challenge

Availability of information, 24x7 and that too at minimum cost is the most challenging requirement of IT environment.  It not only increases the size of infrastructure but also adds many other dimensions into the system.

KF Offers 24x7 Support

Through our Global Associations in India, we have formed an exclusive team of professional called Remote Support Group (RSG) to provide 24x7 support to the clients, located all across the globe.  

RSG services can be very easily interfaced with ongoing, existing 8 hours activates to extended them into 24 hours continuous operations.     

RSG’s 24x7 support at is available at very affordable price that our competitors cannot.

Backup & Restore Services Including Disaster Recovery

Data plays crucial role in computing environment, for the success of the company.  Organizations can’t afford to lose their data, so backups are must for all the computing environment.  When data volumes are large backup activity becomes complex and need to be handled systematically.  It not only requires strategic planning but also extends off working hours.

Disaster recovery is the most genuine requirement of all the organizations that require continuous replication of data and cannot afford to lose even a single transaction.

KF Replication Support & Services

We provide backup & Restore planning and management services. We provide extended hour services for carrying out backup and restore services. Our Remote Support Group ensures continuous backups and handles restore requests instantly.

KF can provide full 24x7 support for disaster recovery operations.

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