Knowledge Fortune Inc. can provide SEO services and Digital Marketing & Social Media services.

Knowledge Fortune SEO / Digital Marketing Services SPECIAL for 2019


Knowledge Fortune is excited to introduce SEO and Digital Marketing services to our valued customers.


As we enter into 2019, every company has a requirement to reach to their clients to provide information regarding their services. Things which worked 3 years back do not work now and things are changing rapidly. Social Media, Cloud computing and new mobile access methods have changed the way customers look for information and reach to right vendors. KF realized that and are bringing their personalized services to valued clients only who need personal attention . Following are our services offering in this field which can be further customized after understanding the requirements of our clients because their requirements are more critical to us and our solutions will enable to achieve them.


  1. SEO Services to Find where you stand where you want to go and ultimately how to increase the traffic on your website and online presence.


We concentrate on traffic, customer conversion, organic searches and ultimately more business revenue rather than just number on search engine.  We optimize the website and show how, from where and for what customers are reaching your web-site and web resources. We work to continuously improve the traffic and bring the right customers to have higher conversion rates.


  1. Digital Blog Services and Digital content creation to engage the customers for meaningful information sharing and conversation rather than to just pitch the product and services. Most of the sites fail to attract the right customers due to lack of right content and engaging information. Our content writers provide interesting articles and infographics to continuously add the contents on site to expand your site information. Also, we provide our cloud based blog software so you do not have to invest in developing your own blog software. If you have one already that’s okay.
  2. Digital Email Campaigns to reach your existing customers, proving them timely information on the developments regarding what new happening in your business and sending sales promotion and other offers which customers should know. Track the success of campaigns and suggest and implement right campaigns to have more conversions and sales.


All our services are customizable. You can choose some or many services. We offer 30 days free no obligation service for you to try out and decide which may be useful for you.




As a SPECIAL Promotional event we are offering our 30 Days Trial No Obligation Service for the SEO service PLUS 20% of discount on monthly service for $200/month!

($250/month value). Total savings of $550 in 6 months.

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We offer the following services:

  • Existing Keyword analysis and creating new keyword strategy to capture the potential customers.
  • Meta tags inclusion in the web pages as recommended.
  • Recommendations to fine tune the contents of the pages, as per finalization of the keywords. If required, restructuring the HTML tags and contents of the website.
  • Analysis of search engine positioning against 3 competitors.
  • Suggestions for inbound links through:
  • Facebook
  • Google +
  • Yelp
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Blogs
  • Creating Google Analytics account and provision to generate monthly reports for review, analysis and corrective actions.
  • Online Advertising: Suggestions for Designing online Ads, Submitting them and creating hit reports.
  • Monthly concise reports to track the progress on various SEO parameters.

Fill out the Contact for SEO section and use code SUMMER20 in Comments/Query to get your savings now!

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